Iballa Ruano Moreno (E-63) has been working together with a film crew on a movie, called „Corazón de escamas“, which means “heart of fish scales”. The Spanish version sounds much more melodious, though;-)

The movie is a short biographical documentary about the multiple World Champion in wave windsurfing and wave SUP. The 43 year old Canario – Iballa lives in Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura – is a great role model and not only participated in contests. She and her twin sister Daida organize the famous wave event in Pozo and they support the youth generation. Iballa is very committed to environmental issues and spends so much time at beaches or in waves on all kind of boards. It’s pure dedication and we are excited about the full movie dropping soon.


„Corazón de escamas“ – the trailer of Iballa Ruano Moreno’s documentary with English subtitles

Directed by Jose Hernández
Cinematographer: Mario Entero
Production director: Jose Moreno-Tapia
Artistic director: Mauricio Sanguino