This winter the Swiss windsurfer Loick Spicher travelled again for two months to Brazil and spent most of his time in Maceio, a wave spot which is located 15 minutes by car from Camocim. “We rent a house right at the beach and had an amazing time there! I had the feeling that the wind was a bit lighter this year but we still could score many great sessions. Hugo was coming over to Maceio for some sessions and I took the opportunity to film some of his insane action during one session,” Loick Spicher said.

Loick filmed not only Hugo, but also some of the local youngsters from Camocim. “There are a few youngsters in Camocim that are ripping hard already. All are inspired by their local hero Hugo and they are dreaming to get the opportunity one day to travel to the best places in the world for windsurfing just as Hugo does.”


Loick’s and Hugo’s next stop for winter training is El Yaque, Gollito Estredo’s home spot. Loick and some other PWA freestylers are already there and Hugo will arrive soon. Loick said: “Since I arrived in the middle of January it has been very windy every day and it doesn’t look like it’s getting less at all! The El Nino effect was maybe not really favourable for the winds in Brazil, however it’s giving us plenty of it back here!!”


Video: Hugo de Sousa ft. Camocim Youngsters in Brazil 2016

Windsurfers: Hugo de Sousa, Eleano Costa aka „Duguinha“ 10 years old, Bruno Sousa aka „Gordinho“ 16 years old, Ethyn Costa 16 years, Jean Franklin 20 years and Hugo Ivo aka „Huginho“ 13 years old

Spots: Camocim and Maceio