Interested in how to land a Spock? Freestyle windsurfing coach Erik Hakman from Fiskeback, Gothenberg, Sweden released his short tutorial about the move which combines a Vulcan with an extra slide on the nose of the board. You even can add an extra 180ty and slide through the Spock 540ty version.

Erik recommends to learn the Vulcan, the switch Heli-Tack and the upwind 360° in the straps in advance.

The breakdown of the Spock into the Vulcan – Transition – Slide

  1. Vulcan: slightly more down wind with a lot of speed, put the front hand close to the mast, pop the board –  take off like the Vulcan – and start to spin around the mast by tucking the back leg and rotating mainly with the hips, back leg and back foot, a lower and upper body “separation” is the key to a smooth board rotation, keep the shoulders steady about the mast and boom, while the lower body sweeps the tail in the opposite direction and get the board turning nose down on the water surface around the pivot point.
  2. Transition: the key to the transition is a super fast boom to boom hand change (boom – mast – boom is possible as well). As soon as you get the hands to the news side of the boom the better it is. When sliding backwards keep your weight over the mast base with your back leg extended and guide the mast into the wind with your front hand and arm, turn your head into the new direction (look where you are going), bend (feather) the back hand to control the power in the sail
  3. Slide: Make sure you complete the 360ty slide of the sail before you flip the sail and keep the slide going all the way through the 540ty (in case you want to go for a Spock 540ty)

Swedish freestyle windsurfing coach Erik Hakman explains how to slide through a Spock or Spock 540° – Video Tutorial