Helga is 81 years-old and enjoys windsurfing. She started windsurfing when she was 42 and doesn’t want to miss the wealth of expierence windsurfing brought into her life.

Helga: “I rejected coffee-parties my whole life. With those parties you achieve nothing……Imagine there is a windy day and you sit in someone’s living room playing cards!

Some wise words. Let’s be like Helga with 81.

Helga – life is no coffee klatch

UPDATE 20.8.2017: Unfortunately the video got removed as Helga got famous and wanted her privacy back;-)  But for the German speaking visitors, we found a shortened version at the ARD morning magazine: http://www.daserste.de/information/politik-weltgeschehen/morgenmagazin/videos/helga-neu-100.html

Film by Alexandra Grund, Jasmin Schabacker, Sandra Neumann, Timm Fleissgarten