Heleen Muijsers (29) is from Holland and was born in November 1983. She grew up near by a lake and started windsurfing when she was 17 years old. In 2013 she has been living in Porto Pollo, Sardinia (Italy). Heleen got a family and a kid in the meantime.


Heleen had a great time on Bonaire (Pic: Markus Seidel).

Heleen had a great time on Bonaire (Pic: Markus Seidel).


“I do freestyle and wave and also love to go surfing when there is no wind. I started doing freestyle 5 years ago, when I was giving windsurfing lessons at Windsurfing Curaçao. There I learned my first vulcans. Because of an injury I couldn’t windsurf for almost 2 years. Last year 2012 I started  working as a windsurf instructor at the Brouwersdam (Netherlands) and came back into the world of freestyle again!,Last winter I was at Bonaire to enjoy the freestyle and I wanted to learn some new tricks. My home spot for this summer is Porto Pollo. This season I also work as an instructor at Sporting Club Sardinia, Porto Pollo. 

Actually my ambitions in windsurfing are to compete this year at the PWA in the Netherlands and maybe also at Fuerteventura. Besides competing I want to keep on windsurfing, share my experiences, adventures and enjoy surf!”

Heleen Muijsers with a video from the freestyle windsurfing paradise Bonaire