Alex Seyss and Lorenz Forstenlechner, two young Austrian Freestyle windsurfer, came up with the idea to create a fresh freestylevent in Weiden at the lake Neusiedl. In former years the Soulclassic event was very successful. After some years without any events in Weiden the Haweiden Freestyle Battle 2008 hit the target: 29 riders subscribed and 22 showed up.

1st place Michi Sumereder - Pic:

1st place Michi Sumereder - Pic:

On the first competition day northwesterly wind came up in the afternoon and the single elimination got started. 14 heats could be sailed and the top 8 sailors were: Seyss, Lang, Alvarez, Forstenlechner, Sumereder, Sammer, Matissek and Bikich.

The forecast for Saturday did not look to good, but a relatively strong wind from south eastern direction started around 13.00. The single elimination could be finished. Chris Sammer, former top PWA sailor, missed his heat being back home. “Sumsi” Sumereder could defeat organiser Alex Seyss. The top ranked Austrian freestyler in the this years EFPT result, he finished 8th, started with a perfect ponch, continued with a flaka and an eslider. The judges counted the best 4 moves on both tacks. Seyss sailed smooth, but crashed in an one handed eslider and lost some time of the five minute heat. In the b-final local hero Max Matissek, who lives in Weiden, could win against Mauricio Alvarez from Vienna. Max impressed with onehanded Shakas.
The racecrew decided to continue with the double elimination but could not finish it due to the dying wind. Only 4 heats could not be sailed. Dani Bikich was on great form, sticked almost all moves he did and could beat Foeda, Zimmermann and Forstenlechner. In the heat against Alvarez, Bikich alreday had three moves on the sheets of the judges, got cancelled. So Sumereder stayed on the first position.
On Sunday the wind never picked up. Around 15.00 the pricegiving ceremony was held. Each competitor got a prize and Lorenz Forstenlechner already announced a comeback in 2009.


Result 1st Haweiden Freestyle Battle:
1. Michi Sumereder
2. Alex Seyss
3. Max Matissek
4. Mauricio Alvarez
5. Dani Bikich
6. Lorenz Forstenlechner