Sarah Hauser and Camille Juban are the winners of the prestigious 2018 Aloha Classic.

IWT Aloha Classic – Wrap Up Pro Finals

Sarah Hauser won her final heat with the high score of the day in the women category. Sarah had 14.8 points on her scoresheet. Camille won the final with 18.37 points, what was the second highest score of the day. Just Antoine Martin, his fellow country man from Guadeloupe, managed to collect 0.20 points more in his quarter final. He missed a few points in the winners final to challenge a very consistent Camille.

After the pro finals 2 youth heats got completed, too.

Results Aloha Classic 2018


1. Camille Juban
2. Antoine Martin
3. Graham Ezzy
4. Morgan Noireaux
5. Boujmaa Guilloul, Marcilio Browne
7. Levi Siver, Robby Swift


1. Sarah Hauser
2. Motoko Sato
3. Angela Cochran
4. Shawna Cropas
5. Annamaria Zollet, Maria Andres
7. Sabine Zola, Tatiana Howard

Aloha Classic 2018 – Photos

Pro men final Aloha Classic 2018

Pro men final Aloha Classic 2018

Women final points Aloha Classic 2018

Women final points Aloha Classic 2018