Windsurf Windskate Road Trip Brouwersdam ft. Guy Trudeau & Anita Birchmeier

Canadian windsurfer Guy Trudeau and Anita Birchmeier continued their Euro trip in the Netherlands. They visited the island of Texel in Norther Holland, enjoyed the relaxed van life and discovered the endless windskate spots there. Then they travelled to Zeeland, in the south western region. They scored great conditions for freestyle windsurfing and wind skating, which is Guy’s big passion. They enjoyed wind skating during the lighter days and had nice windy windsurfing sessions and they met German freestyler Felix Volkhardt.

“We had an incredible fun session of windskate on the mega concrete dike wave.  Some cool locals like Sjors Van Heuveln and Robin Schellekens  had a lot of fun to windskate with us. Thanks to them for all the help to discover the place and more.  This place is one of the best windskate spot I saw until now!  For windsurfing, you have the ocean on one side and they oder side of the dike, you have a super flat spot. They windsurf on a high level there.  We saw a group of children around 12 years old practicing freestyle. They made already tricks like Spocks and Funnels.  Incredible fun!” Guy Trudeau

Wind skating and windsurfing in Texel, Northern Holland, with Guy Trudeau & Anita Birchmeier

Wind skating and freestyle windsurfing in Brouwersdam, Zeeland, Netherlands with Guy Trudeau, Felix Volkhardt & Anita Birchmeier

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