Gustav Haggstrom (SWE-7) edited a cool clip made from his leftovers of 2014. He windsurfed a lot at his home spot in Sweden and is used to the colder temperatures, long sleeve wetsuits, booties and hats.

Gustav Haggstrom: “I want to say thanks to everybody that have been pushing me and helping me this year. And a big THANKS to my family for giving me the best support ever! This has been the best year in my life so far. So much been going on with new sponsors, PWA, and so many stoked sessions on the water both at home and in new destinations! This year I really came one step closer to my dreams!”


Swedish windsurfer Gustav Haggstrom in waves


Edit: Gustav Haggstrom
Camera: Ola Häggström, Markus Rydberg, Johan Sellberg