Thomas Traversa returns in his third GUIDED TOUR from Reunion Island to the spot Pointe au Sel, where he sailed with his good friend Pierre Godet in mast high conditions 16 years ago, when he first travelled to the island in the Indian Ocean. This time the conditions were similar. A swell arrived, which grew over the day to a decent size. The wind was on and Pierre already was out. Thomas rigged his 4.2m and nailed perfect Aerials on the final day of his trip. When he returned to the beach, he felt this happiness. They all met in a bar, had a party and spoke about the waves of the day. On the next day he jumped on the plane to France.

Thanks Thomas for sharing that fantastic video series!

GUIDED TOUR // Reunion Island #3 – Pointe au Sel with Thomas Traversa & Pierre Goudet – Video