Greek Pilgrimage #1 is a freestyle windsurfing video with and by Pierre Garambois from France, who travelled to the Cyclades last summer. The “La Bar” rider combines radical freestyle action with nice shots from the Aegean island Paros and its people. It’s the first clip from the Cyclades. A second clip about the opposite island Naxos will follow soon. The windsurfing freestyle action was filmed in the south eastern beaches on the island by Pierre’s girlfriend Alexandra and Pierre filmed all the rest. In total they spent 24 days on the Cyclades, with 10 days on Paros and 2 weeks on Naxos. 

“In these new year’s eve holidays I spent some time to edit a video of a trip I made last summer during my yearly pilgrimage to Greece. My girlfriend Alexandra and I travelled to Paros and Naxos by van. We really love to go back to the Cyclades almost every year and find this unique spirit, even though it’s always the same. The Cyclades are not the windiest place during summer, not the most varied spots, not the most exotic, nor the most accessible destination… but it definitely is one the best compromises of all these criteria. The wind was not that strong in 2017 compared to what we usually got in Greece during the summer, but it got better on Naxos. The mix of peaceful spirit, cheap life, nice conditions and warm weather always works for us!
I decided to edit two films, one for each island. The first one of the two episodes is about Paros, filmed at the spots of Punda and New Golden beach!” (Pierre Garambois)

Greek Pilgrimage #1 – Pierre Garambois in Paros, Greece