Day 4 was the kids & youth day at the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival. The next generation entered the water and we saw some nice action in all age groups. 

Day 4 Youth Competition – Video Recap by Ben Proffitt


Day 4 Youth Competition – Event Video


Result Girls 15-18
1st Nicole Bandini
2nd Alexa Escherich
3rd Maike Lang
4th Regina Villegas

Result Girls under 14
1st Mar de Arce
2nd Julia Pasquale
3rd Maria Morales

Result Boys 16-18
1st Noah Vocker
2nd Valentino Pasquale
3rd Jake Schettewi
4th Henri Kolberg
5th Tim van dam Sanchidrian

Result Boys 14-16
1st Marino Gil
2nd Takuma Sugi
3rd Mike Friedl
4th Adam Warchol
5th Oliver Rodgriguez

Result Boys under 13
1st Jahdan Tyger
2nd Liam Dunkerbeck
3rd Pepe Krause
4th Miguel Casanova Perez