The opening day of the 2016 Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival saw the windsurfers registering for the upcoming week of competition between 9:30am and 11am before the first skippers’ meeting of the week was held at 12:30pm. After the registration, the annual group pictures and a little lunchbreak the junior competition got started at 14:30.

Video Day 1 – Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival 2016

16-18 Year olds
Heat 1 – Loick Lesauvage vs Julian Salmonn vs Marco Urrestarazu Mouras vs Max Honchgrassl
Heat 2 – Noah Vocker Roche vs Tim van dam Sanchidrian vs Nicole Bandini vs Max Schettewi

14-15 Year olds
Heat 1 – Niklas Herrera vs Henri Kolberg vs Miguel Chapuis vs Mike Friedl vs David Battle
Heat 2 – Valentino Pasquale vs Adam Warchol vs Jake Schettewi vs Oliver Rodriguez vs Takara Ishii

12-13 year olds
Heat 1 – Marino Gil vs Adrian Antiles vs Takuma Sugi
Heat 2 – Jose Antonio Casanova vs Liam Dunkerbeck vs Z. Schettewi

Adancing to the finals were:
16-18 years olds: Loick Lesauvage, Julian Salomon, Noah Vöcker Roche, Max Schettewi
15-15 years olds: Miguel Chapuis, Mike Friedl, Valentino Pasquale, Adam Warchol
12-13 years olds: Jose Antonio Casanova, Liam Dunkerbeck

The finals need to be sailed still.