Graham Ezzy travels the world all year long. Germany, South Africa, Madagascar, Mexico, France, Spain and he sailed at many different wave spots during his career. But he loves to return to the place, where everything started and where he shows his great skills in real wave windsurfing conditions.


“After the last competition of 2015 and before flying to Cape Town for winter training, I had a few weeks on Maui with nothing to focus on but fun in the waves. Windsurfing beaches cover the north shore of Maui, but I am lazy and always go to Ho’okipa, which is not only my favorite spot in the world but also home. I would rig either the 4.7 or the 5.0 and go out on the water with no objective, no training. On breaks from his own sailing, Kevin Pritchard captured a few of the sessions on camera. Enjoy these Maui moments.” Graham Ezzy


Graham Ezzy at Ho’okipa in “The Start of the Off Season”

MUSIC: “Berlin by Overnight” played by Daniel Hope and Jochen Carls, composed by Max Richter