Goya Windsurfing and Quatro International are both Maui based brands, which put a lot of energy to progress in wave gear development. It’s a collaboration of  the experienced wave riders Francisco Goya and Keith Teboul.

They both were part of the Quatro gang in the past. Jason Prior and Sean Ordonez were the other two guys in that hardcore wavesailing group. These 4 men created the special sort of style and soul in wave windsurfing in the 90s on Maui – just download the 4Play movie produced by Tonix. Francisco and Keith still share this spirit within their companies in 2015.

Both brands have some of the best international wave riders in their team: Marcilio Browne, Levi Siver, Bernd Roediger, Keith Teboul, Jason Diffin and Francisco Goya.  Watch a great short film about the interaction between the two brands on Maui and how they collaborate together with their riders to bring windsurfing to new levels. The film not only shows great wave action, it also brings you inside the shape room of Keith Teboul and the sail loft of Jason Diffin.


The brands Goya and Quatro in a video profile


Take Shelter Productions
Additional footage: StephanBoekerFilms.com