After winning the Tow-In Night Session yesterday evening, Gollito Estredo won the Single Elimination of the 2014 PWA Windsurf World Cup Sylt in front of Antony Ruenes, Steven van Broeckhoven and Tonky Frans. 


Video of the announcement of the winners


Gollito Estredo wins Single Elimination


The Single Elimination

The wind was up and down, gusty, 5.2 sails were fine, 3 moves out of 6 in 7 minutes, wind was 13 – 20 knots, sometimes less, the heat area was about 750 m away from the shore and the wind improved for the the finals.


Seminfinal 1
Gollito Estredo vs. Steven van Broeckhoven ->> Gollito wins (Pasko)

Semifinal 2
Antony Ruenes vs. Tonky Frans ->> Antony Ruenes wins (regular Chacho) 


The Winners Final
Gollito Estredo was windsurfing really well in all his heats and had a lot of airtime during the winners final. He made the most out of the 7 minutes heat, landing a massive Shaka, a Ponch, a clean Pasko, an arched half Kono, an Airflaka Flaka on the way out and a Spock Culo, a Skopu. Antony Ruenes crashed an Airchacho, a no handed Flaka and a regular Chacho, but landed a nice Shove it Spock, a Kono, a no handed Flaka.