This winter Gollito Estredo decided to leave Venezuela and train in Cape Town for the first time. We had a short chat with the 8-times freestyle world champion about his reasons to spend his off-season in South Africa.

Gollito Estredo – Goiter Pic by Fukajaz

Continentseven: What are your first impressions of Cape Town?

Gollito Estredo: It’s a very nice place, the beach is very long and I’m happy to be here.

Why did you decide to travel to Cape Town this winter?

I’m focusing more on the wave discipline and some friends told me this place is perfect for training.  

Gollito Estredo working on his turns

Gollito Estredo working on his turns

You have been talking about focusing more and more on wave sailing in the past. How much focus will you put on wave sailing in 2018?

I want to push a little bit more in the waves this year. I want to improve my wave riding that’s why I decided to spend some more time in the waves. But freestyle will always be my preference.

What is your goal for this South Africa trip?

My first goal is to improve my wave riding for sure and try the Pushloop into Forward Loop.

Did you also bring your freestyle gear?

For this trip I brought more wave equipment than freestyle equipment.

One handed Burner by Gollito in South Africa


How difficult is it to make the transition from freestyle to waves? El Yaque isn’t the ideal wave eldorado.

I think it will be not that difficult, especially the jumping as we are now doing more jumps in freestyle. But freestyle helps a lot in general, also for the moves in the wave.

How do you learn? Does it help to have friends like Ricardo or Diony?

I learn watching all the guys in Pozo Izquierdo, and for sure I learn a bit from Ricardo and all the others.

What is your favourite wave sailing set up at the moment?

Grip 82 production board, and Super Hero 4.2

Goiter by Gollito Estredo

Goiter by Gollito Estredo

Will you compete in wave and freestyle In 2018?

I want to do all the wave events, thats why I’m practicing a lot. I want to finish in the top 10.

Looking at your goals for 2018. What is more important? To defend the freestyle title or to improve your wave ranking?

This year are only two freestyle events, so the wave discipline gets more important but for sure I want to defend my freestyle title and I will never lose the focus on freestyle, as I can practice freestyle any time. 

Will you win a wave world title one day?

This is one of my dreams….

Continentseven: Thanks for the interview and good luck for the upcoming season!

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