Italian wave windsurfing addict Gian Marco Revel (48) – he lives in Ancona, Italy at the Adriatic Sea –  scored great wave riding sessions at Toes and Secrets, which are well known spots for surfing and windsurfing at Oahu’s south coast. The reefs are quite shallow and the spots aren’t the most easy ones on Oahu, but they catch a lot of wind from north eastern direction, especially during the summer months. There’s a free parking at the Kawaikui Beach Park and it’s just 8.5 miles from Honolulu downtown. The wind and waves have a perfect direction at Toes and the water colors and temperatures are fantastic. But: don’t be afraid of the shallow reef!!

“This is a clip about wave sailing in Hawaii, mainly focused on a special spot that I love, Toes! Thanks to Giacomo Revel and Christopher Mahnke (drone) for filming, Stefano Caraceni for editing!” Gian Marco Revel about his video from Oahu with footage from summer 2017

Italian Gian Marco Revel in the perfect waves of Toes and Secrets on Oahu, Hawaii

Filmed by: Giacomo Revel & Christopher Mahnke (drone)
Edited by: Stefano Caraceni
Photography: Francis Brewer