After a summer without much wind, last weekend offered ideal conditions to host the second German Freestyle Battle of the season in Lemkenhafen on Fehmarn. On Saturday morning 30 riders met and at around 11:00 o’clock the first round of the competition was started. The wind conditions varied, with some heavy rain showers in between. Together with the last daylight the double elimination got completed and Niclas Nebelung won against Julian Wiemar in a tight final. Lisa-Sophie Christ was the only women and won the women’s category.

GFB Lemkenhafen 2018 – Video

Video by Valentin Böckler


Result GFB Lemkenhafen 2018

1. Niclas Nebelung
2. Julian Wiemar
3. Valentin Böckler
4. Mathias Genkel
5. Jannes Thomsen
6. Quirin Kraus
7. Lasse Boenecke, Stephan Fitze
9. Michele Becker, Leon Struppeck, Foivos Tsoupras, Marius Richter
13. Tom Kuprat, Sidney Heinze
15. Roman Handke, Kevin Langbehn, Bastian Grimm, Sebastian Dietrich, Julian Soeder, Luis Ponseti
21. Hendric Gutacker, Lukas Thelen, Loris Vietoris, Luca Hartmannn, Loris Gleixner, Alexander Neubert, Lisa-Sophie Christ, Tim Karsten, Till Giese, Martin Grundmann, Janus Wilke, Peter Wilke

1. Lisa-Sophie Christ