George Grisley’s escaped the European winter in UK, where he normally lives and joined Cape Town as the perfect destination. It’s summer there, the wind is on non stop and the freestyle conditions are world class. Here’s his fin freestyle windsurfing trainings video. Pure and powerful!! We like it George!!! George has worked at Club Vass for the last 5 years, but now has left to do the tour and Van life stuff. It’s about the lifestyle, not about the money. And he wants to move into content creation. Check out his YouTube channel from time to time!

A great trip to Cape Town once again with lots of progression. Looking forward to starting my first competition season in a month and seeing if you hard work pays off. Stay tuned for some exciting news coming soon… George Grisley about his winter trip 

George Grisley’s Cape Town Freestyle Windsurfing Training 2022 – Video