We saw massive waves at the last year´s Fuerte Wave Classic at Puertito, Cotillo, but the following video document delivers the proof, that there is no limit on this crazy planet earth. Did you ever imagine that someone would ride a 90 feet big monster of water, a huge avalanche, which can eat you, take you, forever….And normally the waves at Nazaré does not get this big like it happened two days ago in November 2011.


Watch the full video clip, when big wavesurfer Garrett McNamara from  Hawaii has ridden a 90-foot wave off the cost of Nazaré, Portugal, on the 9th of  November. The impressive clip is showing the city as the background, the set waves, land support, wave ride towing-in, followed by an interview with Garrett McNamara. Looks like one of the biggest ever ridden waves. In main stream media it already published that this could be a new worldrecord and the biggest ever surfed wave. Watch the clip! This clip is insane!!!