That’s the trailer for the upcoming windsurfing movie GainingGrounds, which has been released in spring 2011 in the German Windsurfing Journal. 

It´s about seven windsurfers, each one moving forward to the spot, which fits best to their personality, style, and way of life. In this „natural habitat“ they will do what we all love: „Explore, meet different cultures, make new friends and of course – WINDSURF.“ Those seven different ways of moving on, of going forward, step- by-step, this is GAINING GROUNDS.

Gaining Grounds trailer – an Austrian windsurfing film, produced in 2010

Max Matissek, Tom Hartmann, Lorenz Forstenlechner, Alex Seyss, Uli Hölzl, Manuel Grafenauer, Chris Sammer

Trailer Soundtrack:
PETSCH MOSER – Klavier, taken from their album JOHNNY
Label: Wohnzimmer Records