Girmantes Neniskis from Lithuania, one of the Baltic states, travels the world to check out new countries and excellent windsurfing spots. He sent us a clip from a trip to Baja California, where he got challenged by the wind direction and the wave height. Perfect down the line conditions, wind for the small wave kit and no other sailers in the line up – like in paradise!

Girmantes Neniskis: “First time I got on a windsurf board when I was a really small child. Later on, at the age of 7 I took the sail in my hands. Henceforth I’m doing and living windsurfing – for the past ten years it became the most important part of my life. While I was a teenager time to time I was  reading surf magazines that were full of world class spots and brand new equipment photos. Back then it was hard to believe that windsurfing may be a lifestyle for the Lithuanian. But we live in the XXI century and there are no more walls or limits. The only limits are set within our imagination. If you can think of something – you are able to live it! Now I spend my time in Brazil, running Club Ventos windsurfing and kite school in Icaraizinho. Browsing through the Spots you can check where I have been before.”

Check out more about Girmantes trips on his interesting website.


Girmantes Neniskis from Lithuania rides waves in western Baja California


About the video and the trip: Girmantes has been in the Baja last winter and spring 2010. The big swell came by the end of May and the video was filmed at Punta Abreojos. It means translated the point with the two eyes. It´s a point break with long running waves. The waves can get really big out there and many surfers can show up. Next to the spot is a little fishing village. So it´s perhaps the perfect idea for some of you, who are looking for a remote winter/spring destination with extreme waves and wind!