„I am rock and roll and rock and roll is me!“ Let’s change this quote from Lemmy to: “I am windsurf and windsurf is me!” All these riders who are in this video love windsurfing. They are full-blooded windsurfers.

This summer the Isreali windsurfers from Eilat Eilon “Pini” Wilson, Eliran Levi and Johnny Yagen spent their whole summer in Fuerteventura. They met friends, had some shared windsurfing sessions, were busting out some great moves and hard crashes and they never got bored on no wind days. With this video they offer an insight into their daily grind on the island.

And Lemmy would say, if you think you are too old to rock’n’roll then you are. And if you don’t know Lemmy Kilmister, Google is your friend. He is the nice guy in the beginning of the video.

Riders: Davy Scheffers, Eilon Wilson, Eliran Levi, Johnny Yagen, Tony Mottus, Yarden Meir, Yegor Popretinskiy, Jacopo Testa, Sebastijan Jankovic, Omer Markman, Dylan Levy, Ilay Bamnolker