Freestyle windsurfing is the passion of Eliran Levi from Israel. And it’s probably the most easy, most affordable and most accessible way of advanced funboard windsurfing nowadays. This season Eliran and his best friends travelled with a camper van across Europe and even to the Canary Islands, where the wind blows almost every day. Eliran Levi and a lot of other riders worked on a video from the summer with a lot of freestyle action and extra lifestyle scenes. Eliran then sat about one month behind the computer to sort out everything and to create the more than 20 minutes long edit. It’s the Full Braha 2.5 version, an action packed video filmed in Fuerteventura’s south during the summer 2019. 

In addition to the video we caught up with Eliran for a short interview.


What drives you to produce such a video?

Eliran Levi: When I started freestyle I was 12 years-old, it was completely different back than and more than half of the moves were not invented yet. The level of freestyle has increased so much the last 4/5 years it’s unbelievable. But I remember being searching a lot through the internet to find freestyle and wave clips to watch, all of them back then had this cool vibe and good lifestyle which kind of disappeared slowly with the years. People use a lot of artistic shots in their windsurfing action clips and sometimes you can’t even find the action.

What was the solution for you?

Eliran Levi: I decided that it’s an important goal for me, to fill up the internet with good freestyle movies with a “soul”, because for me that what freestyle is all about! You don’t need any Masters camera or a Master degree in video editing to make a really sick clip!!! Just enjoy capturing these moments with your friends and the wind.

Who was involved from the beginning on?

Eliran Levi: The start of the BRAHA concept started with me, Eilon “Pini” Wilson and Davy Scheffers. We just spoke about how a really good windsurfing movie should look like for us and after all that brain storming we did push for filming every day and pushed our level as well of course!

Do you miss many sessions, because you are behind the cam instead of windsurfing on the water?

Eliran Levi: No, not at all! Usually, if we are all healthy and make it on the water, we just change. Half an hour for each guy behind the camera and so on.. It’s a really “friendly” concept, hahaha

featured riders: Davy Scheffers, Dudu Levi, Balz Müller, Lennart Neubauer, Adam Sims, Jacopo Testa, Nil Bacon, Boro Mar, Eilon “Pini” Wilson, Eliran Levi, Youp Schmit, Jacopo Testa, Kiri Thode, Giovanni Passani, Mattia Fabrizi, Antony Ruenes, Antoine Albert, Michal “Mitch” Chovan, Felix Volkhardt, Yarden Meir


BRAHA 2.5 – a 2019 freestyle windsurfing video produced by Eliran Levi & friends in Fuerteventura

Produced by Eliran Levi