The participation of the women in the Fuerte Wave Classic (FWC) event has been a long time project of the organisers.

Orlando Lavandera (organizer): “We are sure that we not only enrich the great spectrum of the professional windsurfers taking part, but also make the importance of the female rider evident in a minority sport, such as windsurfing. We hope that with this addition, the event will prove to be more well rounded and will not only serve as a media to promote the island of Fuerteventura, but also to continue the development of the female side of the sport.

Talking to the “girls” the other day we had a great morning just chatting over a nice cup of coffee.”

FWC: What do you think of your participation in the FWC?

Iballa Moreno: I think its good to be part of an event like this! For me its not just a competition, but a good promotion for the sport. It goes beyond a normal competition and for sure adding women in their format gives them a perfect look and a very complete event. We will be participating mixed with the men and its a good combination to show, that the sport is for everyone! I am happy to be one of the choosen girls and it´s great to participate in a place like Fuerteventura. The island is like a second home to me.

Daida Moreno: I wanted to take part in the event last year in Fuerteventura already, and luckily this year we have the
opportunity to enjoy an event totally different to anything else we are used to. To compete in a team with great male team members will be a challenge. The idea is great! I think it is an idea that goes out of the same path that everybody else follows. So it will give an exotic air to the event. Overall, the conditions of Fuerteventura, the organisation and the idea of the event will be a success. We hope to be able to really enjoy, have fun and push more people to join our “windsurfing world”.

Nayra Alonso: I am super happy and honoured about taking part in the Fuerte Wave Classic 2010. I thank Orlando a lot
for inviting the girls to take part in the event. I think this is the way these special events should have always been, and not discriminating the women.

Nicole Boronat: I am sponsored, but since many years I am not competing. Long time ago I left the PWA with Stephane, my longtime boyfriend and we are free from depending on the tour. We show the lifestyle largely through photo trips and articles for magazines or webpages, video and helping ours sponsors in Festivals or special promo days. For me its a honour to be invited and to be in the water with the Twins. Those girls are now part of the windsurf history and Nayra is the 3rd best girl on the PWA World tour, what else to say.

FWC: You all know the north shore here,what do you expect in terms of windsurfing conditions?

Daida: Because of the waiting period we have, I think that we will be able to get good conditions one way or another. We will have waves and we will have to move to get the ideal wind/wave conbination, but as a matter of fact, that will be the fun part of the event. For sure Fuerteventura won´t let us down.

Iballa: Fuerteventura´s northshore has a great potential for waves and I spend lots of time here when I can. So I can not expect anything but great winds and perfect waves for sure!

Nayra: I hope we get some really good conditions to compete and have a good time in the water. It will be a new experience and it is always good to do new things!

Nicole: Some good wavesailing with friends, that is what I like.

FWC: In this new format that put men and women in the same group, do you think is positive for the sport?

Iballa: The fact of including women into this format its something new or at least I´ve never been part in anything like this, so in my personal opinion its a great format and something more than just positive for the sport! It shows respect and I´m glad to be here and be part of this new experience.

Daida: I think it is something super positive! It is not a PWA event where you are fighting for a World title. It is an event organized by people with hardly any budget for the love of the sport, mixing male and female riders in a draw the day before the event. The important thing here is to enjoy and have fun with your team mates during the competition. Individual actions are not as valuable, but the team performance in general. If I understand correctly we will be a good number of riders with a high level, so it will be an intriguing and fun competition and the same time.

Nayra: For sure!! It think it is really good! Everyday we sail together in the same conditions, and it is good to show this “officially” in a competition. I am sure it will be a great experience. It is a big step for the womens side of the sport and I really hope this will set a standard for all the events to come. I am sure it will be a great event!!

Nicole: Every thing is good for windsurfing, the World tour, the special events like this one. The more you show differents angles of windsurfing, the better is it..Right? And if you add the girls , you can show that in other mags, not just windsurfing mags, and through the girls you ge access to another public. One day, one athlete from the Rugby French national team, who windsurfs also, told me “Nicole, in somes years, it´s the women who gonna make a good impact for the sport.” And he added , “it happens in differents sports. Wait and see!” Thanks to the FWC crew Orlando and Pierre for inviting some girls for this special event ..

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