Dario Ojeda at Bristol

Again, there was no official competition since Friday. The article from Friday you find here. Yesterday and today were very calm days at the North Shore of Fuerteventura. So, the riders had time to give a few statements about the competition.

Video from the free session at Bristol on Saturday by Aeolus Productions you find here.

Jules Denel (in the leading team): “All my team-mates sailed very well. Alex was amazing, and Patrick did some good rollers too. I was very proud to be in Iballa’s team and Alberto was impressive on the water! I feel I sailed well too, and I’m really glad to have finished in front of Jonas. “Taquet, taquet!!”

Fabrice Beaux: “It was a really good day, we had good waves and it was fun. All of my team mates finished 2nd or 3rd in their heat so that’s a good average! Dario showed us incredible aerials and Nayra was there with her good surfing style. In our team, nobody did loose against any girls so that’s at least a good start !!

Thomas Traversa: “Good general performance, which unfortunately wasn’t successfully crowned! It was a good collective work though, but I noted that I have quite a few gentlemen riders in my team, letting girls finishing ahead of them!

Adam Lewis: “My team did really good, and… I was allright I guess! Either my board is too small or I have to eat less pies !! No I’m joking it was really a good day, and for my first time in Fuerteventura it was really nice!

Martin Ten Hoeve: “We did well, everyone was at his maximum that was great! Each heat of my team mates have been sailed fully in the nice conditions we had.”