Day 9 had a great swell forecast and most of the big wave addicted participants had a small that another session at the big wave spot of Puertito could happen. In the end it came different. Just Thomas Traversa tried to make it out at Puertito. He entered far upwind in a little bay but crashed his extension on the way out through the massive white water sections. He was lucky not to destroy the whole rig and made it back to the beach. “I am still angry, I did not make more out of it, when we had more wind and perfect conditions on the fifth day of the competition. Let´s hope for the last two days.”

Thomas Traversa packing up after the third attempt at Puertito

The rest stayed at Entrubadera at the Flag beach, where 2 to 4 feet high waves were breaking on the reef. The wind was in between 10 and 15 knots and it was again Yannick Anton, who scored great rides. But also Mikey Clancy, Fanny Aubet and JB Caste were really active and took the chance to catch some of the waves, produced by the big northwesterly to northerly swell. The wind blew from norhwestern direction and arrived in a perfect angle towards the nice spot. Austrian Tom Hartmann decided to paddlesurf the wave and had some nice rides at the shallow reef as well.

Entubadera beach

Yannick Anton

Yannick Anton going home after the session at Entubadera

So let´s hope, that the final two days will bring some suitable condition to run any heats at the FWC 2011! There is a little chance to see conditions at Entubadera.

More pictures you find on the Fuerte Wave Classic Facebook account.