The 2012 Fuerte Wave Classic has not even been started but already saw a first victim. Young local sailor Shannon Bohny had a terrible crash at Majanicho and broke his leg. So he is out of the game. Young upcoming rider José Romero Santana (E-45) from Gran Canaria, who is only 20 years old, got now the remaining place.

The final riders list one day before the start of the Fuerte Wave Classic 2012 (Source: FWC 2012)


Tonight at Friday evening the teams were drawn.


  • Team 1 consists of two topsailors from Gran Canaria, Iballa Moreno and Dario Ojeda. Then Tom Hartmann, an Austrian waveexpert and the Youth wave Worldchampion Justin Denel from France.
  • Team 2 has two incredible strong local sailors, Nicole Boronat and Yannick Anton, the very experienced waveexpert Andrew Fawcett from Cornwall, UK and the young upcoming sailor Federico Infantino (ITA-999)  from Italy, who had his first PWA worldcup experiences in 2011 at El Cabezo, Tenerife.
  • Team 3 has just one local on board. Will Ward, who lives in Corralejo all year long and is well known for his high skills. Fanny Aubet, who participated last year already, is the girl in team 3. We have as well a top PWA sailor in this team, Jules Denel finished 13th in the 2011 PWA season. 4th member is Francisco Casas Garcia from mainland Spain. He lives in Almeria and trains a lot with Ex worldchampion Victor Fernandez. He also spends a lot of time on Gran Canaria in his young career. It´s his second time on Fuerteventura.
  • Team 4 has two locals on board. Extremely experienced waterman Stephane Etienne and Alberto “Mandrillo”Ferroni, who had the biggest crash of the 2011 Fuerte Wave Classic. Jose Romero from Gran Canaria took the place of Shannon Bohny. He is 20 years old and had his PWA debut in 2009. The lady in team 4 is Amanda Beenen from Holland. She just returned from an intense training at South Africa and is ready to rock the reefs.


Team 1: Iballa Ruano Moreno, Dario Ojeda, Tom Hartmann, Justin Denel

Team 2: Nicole Boronat, Yannick Anton, Andrew Fawcett, Federico Infantino

Team 3: Fanny Aubet, Jules Denel, Will Ward, Francisco Casas Garcia

Team 4: Amanda Beenen, Stephane Etienne, Jose Romero, Alberto Ferroni

The action will start tomorrow and the windforecast looks pretty good. Waves and wind can be expected for the upcoming days with a peak on Monday, March 19th.

The windforecast for the FWC 2012 (Source:



Having been at the Fuerte Wave Classic for the past few years, Boardseeker filmer Alfie put his highlights shots from the last three years at the FWC together. Enjoy some pretty “rad” action.


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