On the fourth day of the 2012 Fuerte Wave Classic the wind blew again from north eastern direction. The participants and the crew met at 10.00 for a first skippersmeeting. “Normally it´s not necessary to start that early with this winddirection,” local Stephane Etienne stated. But the goal for day 4 was to get a second round done. And the organizers did not want to miss any opportunity to run heats as the forecast for the upcoming days is not so promising.

Tom Hartmann launching at Agostino

First tour of the trip on the North Track was Majanicho. The wind was too much onshore and the waves were totally out of order. So the whole crew drove further west to Punta Blanca, which is well known as the best jumping spot at the North Shore. But as well there the conditions were not convincing. Stop 3 was Cotillo, where we saw good beachbreak action on day 3 already. The waves were small, but the wind was up. Another spot-check followed bit later around 12.30. In the northern bay of Cotillo the break of Agostino is located. “Normally it works best when it´s big, above 3 meters. It´s the Jaws of Fuerteventura. But today it´s very small and it´s hard to catch any waves,” Italian local Albert “Mandrillo” Ferroni explained. But probably it was the spot with the best waves and the wind blew sideoffshore with 17 top 20 knots, in gusts a bit stronger.

Nicole Boronat at Agostino

Iballa Ruano Moreno and Stephane Etienne were the first two sailors out on the water and tested the conditions. It didn´t look too good , but both had some nice waverides. So the organizers decided to run round two at this spot and called all riders to get ready for heat 1 at 13.15. Heat one of the day saw Dario Ojeda, Adrew Fawcett, Francisco Casas Garcia and Albert Ferroni on the water . Alberto missed his heat a bit. Dario and Francisco had some excellent waverides. Andrew was not happy about the wave conditions and stopped to compete. A bit later heat 1 got really cancelled. “Not enough waves came into the bay and it was really hard to find any good ones”, said Andrew about his decision to stop.

Afterwards some riders went out for a free session: Franciso Casas Garcia, Dario Ojeda, Tom Hartman, Amanda Beenen, Fanny Aubet, Jose Romero and Albert Ferroni.

Dario Ojeda

Francisco Casas Garcia


The skippersmeeting will take place at 10.00 tomorrow. Let´s hope to get some heats done.

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