The forecast for day 3 at the Fuerte Wave Classic 2012 looked really promising. The plan was to run a second elimination at one of the North Shore spots. As the wind blew from north eastern direction Majanicho did not work to run a competition. The riders were waiting till midday, but the conditions did not improve. So they all drove further west to check the Hierro spots. None of them worked either. The wind was too inconsistent and the waves were not really in order. So, only two options were left: Punta Blanca, a Starboard tack jumping spot, just a a bit west of Hierro as option 1 or Cotillo as option 2. A decision was failed quickly: it was Cotillo on day 3, where the riders should enter the Atlantic ocean.

At El Cotillo

Cotillo saw strong wind conditions with 20 to 25 knots of relatively gusty side- to sideoffshore wind. Sometimes a bigger set hit the shore. The conditions were not ideal to run a competition. But a photo- and video expression session got started. Many sailors were out, also Dutch lady Amanda Beenen, who recovered a bit from here pain in the ankle. Iballa Moreno impressed with aggressive aerials and massive crashes. Fanny Aubet could proof that she improved a lot over the winter months. Also Nicole Boronat sailed well at Cotillo this afternoon. So all ladies were out and tried to show their best.

Iballa Moreno

From the men´s fleet the Denel brothers were out, as well Austrian Tom Hartmann, Jose Romero, Federico Infantino, Francisco Casas Garcia, Andrew Fawcett, Stepane Etienne, Albert “Mandrillo” Ferroni and Will Ward. Yannick Anton had to go for a break today, as his cut from yesterday is quite big.
Will Ward took a lot of risk, went for Takas and Goiters off the heavy shorebreak lips, but unfortunately his session ended with a broken mast. Also Amanda Beenen broke a mast, when crashing after a cutback.

Francisco Casas Garcia had aweseome Aerials today

The session ended at 16:30 and all riders went back to the hotel. The skippersmeeting tomorrow will be at 10.00 at the hotel. 
More pictures from today