The Fuerte Wave Classic film crew has put together a 6 minute long recap clip of the event. The this year’s Fuerte Wave Classic event was not blessed with perfect conditions and it wasn´t always easy to find the right spots. However, most of the riders were enjoying the conditions and their time on the island together. You can’t influence mother Earth!

Orlando Lavandera, the organizer: “This year it wasn’t so easy to choose the right spots. We had sailed a competition at Majanicho and free sessions at Cotillo, Agostino and Punta Blanca. The focus of the event is about riding waves. We definitely did everything to follow these goals and kept the spirit and the original idea of the event! I definitely plan to run the event in 2013 again. Thanks to all the great sailors for joining us and participating in the this year´s event!” Orlando Lavandera is already planning the 2013 edition of the Fuerte Wave Classic. We are looking forward to the event, too and hope for good conditions.

By KSB Collective