Today was another lay day at the Fuerte Wave Classic.
All riders drove to Majanicho for the daily meeting on the beach. The organizer announced, that there will be no chance for a competition on day 4. So, the riders left into different directions. Some went to Lobos for surfing, some were searching Fuerte´s North Shore for a surfing spot or others just were in the hotel.
The forecast for tomorrow says wind from the north and waves up to 4 meter height with 16 sec. period. The possible windsurfing spots with this wave and wind combination are: Puertito, El Burro and La Entubadera. The race committee will decide in the morning where the Fuerte Wave Classic riders will enter the water.

Meeting in Majanicho

The car park at Majanicho

Justin, Alice, Nicole, Nayra, Iballa

Driving along the North Shore