German Frithjof Blaasch had a lot of good wave windsurfing sessions in Denmark during this season. He put a video together ft. himself, Steffi Wahl, Henrik Jamaer and Dominik Röckl sailing at Hanstholm and Agger. All the riders brave the elements and it looks quite cold out there. 

“After so many good sessions in Denmark this year, I decided to put some clips together. All the scenes were taken in Denmark/2016. Thanks a lot to Bo, Thore and Steffi for filming!” (F. Blaasch)

Frithjof Blaasch, Steffi Wahl, Henrik Jamaer and Dominik Röckl windsurf in waves in Denmark in 2016

Camera: Bo Kaasch, Thore Pless, Steffi Wahl & Frithjof Blaasch