Too light wind for any valid Slalom eliminations on day 3


The race managemnet at the French tour final and the competitors tried everything to get another elimination done at St. Malo. The conditions were good enough to start races, which had to be abandoned later at the course as the wind dropped far below the suitable conditions.


Here is a video of day three, which shows the Slalom action filmed from the beach. It got filmed by Stéphane Debuire, the filmer of the event.


Have a look on the current rankings after day 3:


Slalom Ladies (5 eliminations): 

1.Delphine Cousin

2.Fanny Aubet

3.Alizée de Sousa


Slalom Men (3 eliminations):

1.Julien Quentel

2.Pierre Mortefon

3.Antoine Questel



The wave competition was on at day 4


The conditions on day 4 saw wind and waves. The difficulty  was that sometimes the waves were nice, but at th esame moment was no wind or the other way around. Despite all difficulties the race management was able to run several heats with a duration of 8 to 14 minutes and 4 riders in each heat. There were no big surprises in the results. None of the big names got eliminated in the first round. The biggest names on the entry list are Jules Denel ranked 14th in the 2012 PWA tour,  Julien Quentel, Yann Sune and local Kilian Ducouedic. Later the day the wind dropped below 16 knots after a heavy rainfall. That was the end for the wave competition on day 4, which had to be stopped during heat 22.


Nice waveriding conditions at St.Malo, Bretagne (Pic: Eric Bellande).


The competition will run for two more days. The last chance for any waveheats will be tomorrow, as the wind and waves will drop on the final day. If the wind and waves will not be suitable some more Slalom eliminations can be sailed.


It´s Aerial time (Pic: Eric Bellande).


Nice cutback during the wave competition on day 4 (Pic: Eric Bellande).