Locus is a video clip about the young German freestyle windsurfer Bastian Grimm, who enjoyed the excellent winter windsurfing conditions at the Baltic Sea on the island of Fehmarn. Bastian is from Winsen, city nearby Hamburg and studies in Hamburg. His kind of home spot is Fehmarn.

It’s great that the warm weather finally arrived in Europe and Bastian can use thinner wetsuits again. Have fun on the water and enjoy the spring weather!

The winter brings its challenges, cold conditions, therefore thick wetsuits and slower movements. Everything changes during the cold season. The water looks darker, with similar forecast the wind feels stronger and there is endless space on the water. Those sessions often seem to happen in slow-motion. Bastian Grimm


Bastian Grimm released some winter freestyle footage, filmed on the island of Fehmarn, Germany

Created by Bastian Grimm &  Kai-Nicolas Steimer, filmed by Kai-Nicolas Steimer