We asked Francisco Goya, why his name is on the starting list for the PWA World Cup on Cabo Verde. 

Francisco Goya - Pic: John Carter

Francisco Goya - Pic: John Carter


C7: Why did you decide to enter the PWA tour again and how does it feel to be back on tour?

Windsurfing is my life, building boards, sails, competing, freeriding. It is all the same thing, I just love to be able to be part of the sport and around the people.

C7: How did you prepare?

Windsurfing, working on the gear, yoga, biking, running, eating healthy, etc. Most important is being happy, having a great time, spending time with the family, collagues and friends, enjoying life as much as I can imagine, keeping focus and moving with the chin up.

C7: Do you feel much pressure or are you fully relaxed?

Some heats I got a little distracted but then the riding from the other competitors and the conditions turned that around really fast.

C7: Which gear did you bring?

Just my production gear, Custom 66-72-78 and 4.2-through 5.3 Gurus.

C7: Thanks for the interview and good luck for the competition.

Thank you, I look fwd to do my best!