Kai Lenny released a new video showing some great action starring some of the best windsurfers and surfers. Together with Ricardo Campello, Francisco Goya, Marcilio Browne, John John Florence and more he shreds the waves at Oahu’s North Shore (Backyards) with northeasterly winds. And… the action is insane. Ricardo and Kai ride the fast waves in crazy lines and nail big Aerials. Ricardo even lands a perfect Air Taka.

Backyards is a really heavy wave with a lot of current and shallow sections, especially when landing Aerials. It reminds to the waves on Sal, Cape Verde, but can be more extreme. If you crash you land in Boneyards and later in Sunset Bay. The walk back up to the launching point can be quite long and intense if the gear is still all in one and your body still works fine.

Kai Lenny also enjoyed surfing waves with his traditional surf board or strap surfing board on the days without wind. Kai is a real waterman, who has maximum control on all his boards on the water. And even off the water, he lands crazy flips on his snowboard.

It’s been a calm summer and finally the waves have returned giving us 20 foot faced waves shaking the reefs awake. I had an awesome few days surfing with John John Florence and windsurfing the elusive Back Yards with Ricardo Campello & more. Kai Lenny about his time in Oahu


Windsurfing vs. Surfing – an action packed video with Kai Lenny, Ricardo Campello and many more big names 

Filmed by Peter King


We have seen many videos starring Robby Naish, Jason Polakow or Robby Swift windsurfing these world class waves, where the best surfers gather to ride the tubes, too. It’s scary as the waves are breaking on very shallow reefs. Pipeline (Banzai or Pipe) for instance was always the big spot in surfing, but it’s an extremely dangerous spot where many surfers suffered injuries. People have been riding these waves since the 60s. Some of the best wave windsurfers started to ride in Backyards in the mid 80s.

More action from these heavy wave spots: