Filip Rogelj lives in Kranj, Slovenia and is 16 years of age. He is fully hooked into freestyle windsurfing. But he next windsurfing spot is around 110 km away. He often travels to Croatia, where he windsurfs in Istria or on the Island Krk or to Italy, where he likes windsurf at Marina Julia, when the Bora wind is on. Luckily hee recently spent a month in Dahab, Egypt. He travelled there together with Andraz Zan and Baara Zatori and they had a lot of fun in the warm weather conditions and in the clean water of the lagoons. A lot of tragic news got announced recently about the northern African country. But Filip spent quite a relaxed time in the village of Dahab, where a few thousand local people live and made some progress on the water.

“I stayed there one month with Andraz Zan and Baara Zatori. Dahab was empty, a few centers were closed.  I felt safe because I visited Dahab now for four times, but I think that you never know when something will happen. Just a few days before we went home a Russian airplane got attacked. At the airport in Sharm el Sheikh  flights were cancelled and it was a bit dangerous and also impossible to fly back home from there. So we decided to drive to Israel by car and fly home from Tel Aviv . It was a long ride (it’s a 500 km long drive) and we had to go through checkpoints all the time, but we made it to Tel Aviv.” Filip Rogelj


Filip Rogelj in Dahab during autumn