Fighting Fear is a documentary of two friends Mark and Richie. Mark is a Big Wave Surfer. He dreams of being the best. Richie, Mark’s best mate shares his love of Big Wave Surfing but has his own ambitions. A carpet layer by day, Richie dreams of becoming a MMA Cage-Fighting Champion. Both are fearless, living life on the edge, daring each other to surf bigger waves, party harder, take greater risks. But when their adrenalin-seeking antics & hardened partying turns sour, it sets in motion a dramatic and life-changing series of events that threatens to derail everything they have worked so hard for.

This feature-length docu-drama, told through the eyes of the two friends, Pro-surfer Mark Mathews and MMA fighter Richie Vaculik & filmed over three years, provides a unique & candid insight into the tumultuous life of two world-class athletes facing against-all-odds personal challenges.

Because of the great feedback, the film gets now screened in Europe, South Africa and USA as well. The original plan was to only show the movie in Australia and New Zealand.

Screening dates
18th Nov – France – Biarritz
19th Nov – Portugal – Peniche
24th Nov – Germany – Hamburg
25th Nov – Holland – Den Haag
26th Nov – Belgium – Gand Vooruit
28th Nov – UK – London
30th Nov – Czech Republic – Prague
7th Dec – Spain – Santander
8th Dec – France – Pari
10th Dec – South Africa – Durban
11th Dec – South Africa – Cape Town
15th Dec – Hawaii – North Shore



More info: Official Website Fighting Fear