Italian wave windsurfing pro Federico Morisio is almost back in business. After five months and a few days and an intense time of active rehab after a knee injury and surgery, the Italian stepped on his windsurfing board again. And a few days later he waves able to ride proper waves at Chile’s coast again. We know this quick healing success stories from many other sports people. The professional training helps to improve the coordination and knowledge about the own body, what helps to improve the technique in the main sport.

7 months after my knee injury and 5 months after surgery I’m finally back in the water!!! It felt great and I’m working on being back 100% soon. Meanwhile I keep training, windsurfing and enjoying in Chile, as I’ve spent 4 months here now. This whole journey has been an important experience and a big challenge, both mentally and physically, that taught me a lot. During all these months I worked and focused my energy on anything that could be useful for my career and personal growth, so that I could really come out of it stronger than before. It hasn’t always been easy but I can proudly say that it worked and I feel in a better situation than before. There’s still a long path to get back to my maximum condition and riding, but I’m working on it and as competitions are expected to happen more towards summer, I have some good months to fully recover. Federico Morisio about his journey after the knee injury

Federico tells in his Vlog #14 how he spent the months in Chile. It’s a wave paradise, but there are a few lakes, too, where Fede ran professional windsurfing camps. His personal goal to get 100% fit for the IWT event in Mantanzas and Topocalma Ranch, Chile, which has been moved from April to late September!!!

Federico Morisio is back in the water – The Morisio Vlog #14