Italian wave windsurfer Federico Morisio had a few fantastic summer wave windsurfing sessions at El Burro (also known as Glass Beach), close to Fuerte’s north shore. The conditions were epic considering the time period in Europe. The Italian, who usually spends a lot of time in Maui and Chile, was really impressed by the spot. Check out his video “A hidden gem – fantastic windsurfing wave spot in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands”

After weeks wondering where to find waves during the European summer I finally decided to head to Fuerteventura. I soon discovered, with enormous pleasure, that I couldn’t have made a better decision! Fuerte delivered big time and reminded me how great the summer can be for wave riding, even in Europe! I was incredibly lucky to meet up again with top filmer Tom Deburchgrave and work together on this video, aiming to share the stoke from these great days of windsurfing and inspire you to chase waves! Feeling grateful for this opportunity, thank you Tom! Federico Morisio

Unfortunaltey Federico got injured at his right knee though… ! We wish a quick recovery and not a too bad result from the MRI!!

Italian wave windsurfer Federico Morisio rides waves in El Burro in Fuerteventura’s north – Video

Filmed by Tom Deburchgrave