Federico Morisio welcomes you to Chile. The Italian travelled to Matanzas, even in these difficult times and spends the European winter on the southern hemisphere. Chile offers perfect wave conditions for the passionate Italian wave windsurfer. It’s the summer season in Chile, where the weather conditions are mild and the days are long. January and February aren’t the months with the best conditions, but Federico scored brilliant conditions already. Watch his his vlog from Chile with action from Matanzas and Topocalma.

Federico Morisio: Yes, I made it to Chile! My Winter training is ON and I’m determined to learn new moves, prepare for the 2021 International Windsurfing Tour “Topocalma Infernal” and keep moving forward at 360 degrees on my dreams, even though we’re living in such a crazy Covid-19 situation worldwide! Never give up, always keep going!

Welcome to CHILE – Winter Training – The Morisio Vlog #5