Italian wave rider Federico Infantino, who is a WA resident, enjoys riding Margaret River. But still, this wave at Margaret River is one of the most difficult waves for him. 

“It is now my 6th season in Australia, slowly my timing is getting better. The Main Break – Margaret River is still one of the most difficult wave to read in the world! It is a right, but because of the wind we have to go left in windsurfing with the lip coming straight to you with a massive power! There is not way in the middle. If your timing is not perfect you will find yourself down to the reef!

Few photo shootings take place here during the year, but only a few of the best top riders in the world can manage the timing in Main Break, all the rest are struggling for a couple of days and then leave and go to another spot! The last season was not the best regarding quality of the conditions, apart of the last month during the end of February and March, but we were able to create another edit to add into the “That’s Surf West” collection! (Federico Infantino)

Margaret River resident Federico Infantino windsurfs the Main Break at Margaret River 

Camera: Elisa Mariani – Elii Design Studio Drone: Federico Infantino – Elii Design Studio
Editing: Federico Infantino – Elii Design Studio