End of July is the time when the companies start to release their new products and the international team riders ride on the next year’s equipment already. Fanatic has released their 2018 promo videos to present their new wave, freestyle and freeride products. Watch Gollito, Victor and Co riding the new products in Maui.

Fanatic Wave & Freestyle Range 2018 – First In Last Out


Fanatic Freeride Range 2018

Freedom to Ride – As soon as the wind is moving the trees, the fields and the clouds, we get this inner drive to be out there. Even for our World Cup riders Windsurfing is not just all about the biggest wave, the fastest speed run or the craziest Freestyle move. Watch our team cruising through the turquoise waters of Maui, enjoying the ease of our 2018 Freeride range, spiced with some FreeWave action and just a whole lot of fun on the water!

Fanatic Grip TE & Stubby TE

The Grip is the new wave-weapon of champions, its wide swallow tail and fast rocker line pumps out loads of spray through the turns. A result of that R&D process, defining exactly how much grip and drive each shape needs. The parallel concept and wide diamond tail of the Stubby TE provides supercharged planing, whilst the rail shape and compact outline make tight turns easier than ever.


Fanatic Blast

It’s a refreshing Freeride experience, this line blends aspects of the Stubby and Falcon to create one sweet package. They are available in the elite TeXtreme® Biax Carbon & Biax Fibre technology.


The Gecko 2018 

It’s Fanatic’s most user-friendly and fun Freerideboard they’ve ever had in the lineup. The Gecko LTD is the flagship of a successful and popular range, available in six exciting shapes. Just step on, hook in and get ready for a whole lot of fun!

Source: Fanatic