Windsurfing globetrotter Fabrice Beaux, Hawaii resident, who also proofed his great skills in several competitions in 2010 like at the Dahkla Challenge or the Reunion Wave Classic Invitational, went through some older clips from 2007 he and his friends captured when travelling through the Central American country of Nicaragua. He travelled to this for windsurfers less known country together with his friends and globetrotters Carine Camboulives and Manu Bouvet.

We thought, despite it´s not the latest footage, the clip could help some of you to get news about this country, which catches nice swell from the Pacific ocean and is located next to Costa Rica, where you can find excellent spots as well at the Peninsula Santa Elena. We placed the marker in the map on Popoyo, the best wavesailing spot in Nicaragua. It´s not an easy going spot. More a hard wave, which breaks over rocks.

Further north at El Astillero you can find another good break, which is suitable for windsurfing action. From December till February the wind has the highest percentage. And don´t forget, Nicaragua counts to the most poor countries in the world.