Explore n´ Play – Episode 3 /3 – A trip with the Moussilmani twins to Maui, Hawaii


The Moussilmani twins “Les Mouss” present their third and final episode of the “Explore n´Play” series. This time the twins, who are well known for their skills as pro racers in the Slalom and Speed discipline, explore the waves of Hookipa and play around.


An idyllic landscapa in the surfer´s and windsurfer´s paradise (Pic: Les Mouss).


Then the wind and waves dropped and they both decided to explore the wonderful landscape of Maui, Hawaii. They drove up the hills and walked through the incredible volcanic landscape.


In between volcanoes on Maui (Pic: Les Mouss).


Watch the video and feel like being in paradise.

Gagakids-Hawaï-Episode3_3V2 von Lesmouss


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