The Japanese Professional Windsurfing Association (JPWA) just recently held a freestyle event called “JPWA TRICK’N TRY MOTOSUKO” at Lake Motosu. The lake belongs to the “Fuji Five Lakes” region, which is located at the base of Mount Fuji. 

Most of the Japanese windsurfers are racers or slalom sailors and some of them are competing on a quite high international level. The freestyle scene is smaller and needs to catch up a bit. Sporadic you can meet a Japanese freestyler at PWA events, like Kenichi Suzuki, Hiroumi Yoshida or Dai Nagamine. But it definitely would be cool, to see more Asian windsurfers on the PWA tour.


Result of the event

  1. Hiroumi Yoshida (JP/Neilpryde)
  2. Yuma Kobayashi (Starboard/Gaastra)
  3. Tsutomu Umekawa (Naish/Hen-Line)