Yesterday evening the final of the European Tow-In Championship took place at the beach of Podersdorf. With a beautiful sunset in the background it was a great setting for the final tow-in show. First ever European tow in champion is current freestyle world champion Steven Van Broeckhoven who scored 37 points for a clean triple Funnel. Second place goes to the four times freestyle world champion Gollito Estredo who showed a perfect Funnell into Burner (34,25 points). Third rider on the podium is Kiri Thode (Starboard) from Bonaire with 29,75 points for a double funnel with a stylish pirouette in the end.



  1. Steven van Broeckhoven
  2. Gollito Estredo
  3. Kiri Thode
  4. Björn Saragoza
  5. Taty Frans
  6. Max Matissek
  7. Nicolas Akgazcyian
  8. Dieter van der Eyken
  9. Maarten van Ochten
  10. Julien Mas


The winners of the Europen Tow-In Championship


Julien Mas, who ended up in 10th position couldn’t quite show what he was able to do yesterday and therefor only scored 15,5 points for a bob into bob attempt. 

In 9th place, the Dutchmen, Maarten Van Ochten (JP/Neilpryde) scored 22,75 points for a really nice burner. Maarten told us that it was the second time he had ever tried tow in. Well done! 

8th place went to Belgium’s Dieter Van deer Eyken (26,25 points) who landed a very clean burner and tried a switch kono on his second run.

Nicolas Akgazciyan (Starboard), from France, impressed in last year’s EFE tow in video managed to land a burner funnel, taking 7th place with 26,5 points.

In 6th place, Max Matissek (North/Fanatic) who was representing Austria went into his run with the whole crowd behind him. After he crashed in his first run, he showed the perfect funnel into funnel which brought him 27,25 points. Adam Sims who was doing the live ticker yesterday said that: “This was one of the best I saw at this event!” 

Ending up in 5th place, scoring with the same move as Max, was Taty Frans from Bonaire (Starboard). He beat the Austrian with only 0,25 points more, due to his technical doable at the end of the move..

Björn Saragoza (Starboard) who just missed out on the podium ended up in 4th place with a really clean air funnel into air funnel. 28,5 points for the rider from Bonaire.

3rd place Kiri Thode (Starboard) from Bonaire, scoring 29,75 points for a double funnel pirouette, which the crowd loved big time.

2nd place with two incredible runs: 4 times freestyle world champion Gollito Estredo (North/Fanatic) from Venezuela. When he was towed the first time he landed the move that only he can do: air-burner 900. Super clean and with a lot of style. It was his second run that counted though, the Venezuelan stuck a move that hadn’t been seen before: a perfect funnel into burner! 34,25 points came from the judges.

1st place and therefor the first European Tow-In Champion EVER is current Freestyle World Champion Steven Van Broeckhoven (JP/Neilpryde) who scored 37 points for the most perfect triple funnel with a sail duck at the end. Coming into the spotlight at full speed, Steven popped his board out of the water three times in a row, like a stone skimming the surface. He was extremely close to the judging platform, the spectators loved it, and showed their appreciation with huge applause.