The beach of Le Brusc was on fire on day 2 and Julien Mas wins the Tow in Super Session

Julien Mas wins the Tow in session on day 2.

The European Funboard Expression saw another great day unfortunately with almost no wind but, but clear sky. The sunshine created nice vibes here at the event site. After the skippers meeting, the riders attended an interview session to share their windsurfing stories and backgrounds. The schedule for the rest of the day contained a tow in show and a Sup contest. Short after lunch, a tow in warm up session was held and 10 riders got selected to enter the official tow in show. Each rider got 3 chances to show off their tricks and only one of the best tricks got counted by the judges. They got support from the crowd, who where able to manipulate the scores by screaming for their favorite rider or the one who impressed them the most.

Ruben Petrisie and the young kids on the beach of Le Brusc.

In the spotlight, we had Nicolas Telle who smoothly managed to pull of a clean one handed Funnel followed by Jordan Ema-Otu, who surprisingly popped into a Air Funnel. As the action continued, the next riders Adrien Bosson, Nicolas Akgazciyan and Julian Mas dominated the show with a selection of higher and faster rotations of new school freestyle moves such as huge Burners, double Air Funnels and a double Air Bob. Later in the afternoon a SUP contest was being organized by the board brand Fanatic and the local sufshop Nexpa. A course was set and the stand up paddling contest was on for kids, women and seniors. Another tow in show was quickly organized as the sun started to set, creating a cozy atmosphere on the beach. Riders were pulling off cool freestyle moves in front of the chilling crowds while photographers, cameras and flashes were actively in action snapping amazing shots of the sunset freestyle tow in show. Julien Mas took the victory. Congrats Jlien!!

The top 3 on the podium.


Freestyle Tow in results:

1. Julien Mas
2. Nicolas Akgazciyan
3. Adrien Bosson

Crash of the day went to Thierry Castillan


Sup contest senior results:


1. Jean Marc Viande
2. Nicolas Akgazciyan
3. Nico Liminana


© IFCA/EFPKT Ruben Petrisie?& Steve Palier